Noah Hodges owner and operator of Arch-Aid has 20 years of experience in the residential home industry.  He has spent much of his career renovating homes and managing property for his own portfolio as well as customers.   A native of central Indiana he business has operated in New York, Maryland, Indiana and now Florida.  Brooksville is the last of his moves and we would love to serve you in our new and final home community.

I am an Army Reservist who has spent the last 15 years supporting our great country in Afghanistan, Japan, Spain and as recently as 2019 in Africa. The picture to the left is Lac Assal in Djibouti, Africa.  This lake sits below seal level inland from the Gulf of Tajoura.  The salt water flows inland and evaporates and leaves a vast amount of sea salt that the country extracts and sells for industrial and culinary purposes.  This area is also a great tourist spot in a impoverished country. 

I am excited to use my years of experience in electrical engineering, home renovations and property management to support the needs of our great community here in FL.  Please give us a call today!

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